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Hello and Welcome

Welcome to my web site. Thanks for stopping by. I’m Marilynn Larew, and I write thrillers right out of today’s news. Although I live just over the Mason-Dixon Line in southern Pennsylvania, I love to travel – Hanoi, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Cairo, and, of course, Paris and London. On a bad day, I’ll even go to Philadelphia.

 In my books I want to take you to places like that and show you international crime and terrorism. My books deal with drug runners selling dreams and death, merchants of death selling weapons to all comers, and human traffickers selling women and children into modern day slavery. These businesses produce mountains of money that has to be washed so the profits can be used. Some of this money goes to terrorist groups determined to destroy us.

Lee Carruthers, black money specialist for the CIA, follows the path of this illegal money to put these people out of business.

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"A solid introduction to a new thriller series."
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"This book was a solid read, and the onset of a sequel is cause for excitement."
-- Chanticleer Book Reviews & Media; Read full review